If recent events have proved one thing about Manchester, it’s that we all love it. For a city that’s already bursting with pride in our own accomplishments, events of this past week has taken things to a new level, with communities coming together in the face of anti-social behaviour to celebrate our love for the city that we all come home.

In recognition of Mancunian’s passion for our city, Marketing Manchester and the Manchester Arndale have launched the I Love MCR campaign, using the iconic ‘I heart’ logo as a symbol of our pride in our city.

Marketing Manchester will be selling ‘I Love MCR’ t-shirts in Manchester Arndale, and we’re absolutely thrilled that they’ve chosen us as one of the charities to  benefit from money raised from t-shirt sales.

As a charity dedicated to supporting Manchester’s communities in every way that we can, Forever Manchester is right behind this campaign, and feel hugely proud to be part of a city with such a sense of community.

In the past two years, donations from people who love our city as much as we do have helped us raise over £2 million, which has gone to supporting over 100 community groups in Manchester.

Donations are directed to local groups or projects that are in real need of funding and will make a genuine measurable difference to the community and people they serve here in Greater Manchester.

As part of the I Love MCR campaign, Marketing Manchester have created a facebook page with desktop wallpapers and Twitter Twibbons, which Mancunians can download and proudly display.

The lovely folk at ace cupcakery Hey Little Cupcake are also creating special ‘I love MCR’ cupcakes, which as well as tasting incredible do their bit for Manchester, with 50% of all profits from the cupcakes going to Forever Manchester.

And if you’d like to show even more support for Forever Manchester, you can download Forever Manchester wallpapers for your computers and iPhones from the Forever Manchester site here.

August 26th has been earmarked as a ‘We Love MCR’ day, when Mancunians are being asked to display the ‘I Love MCR’ logo with pride. And what better way to celebrate this day than by really helping to make a difference to the future of your city’s communities by donating to Forever Manchester? You could do this by way of a cash donation, or by visiting our online shop – where you’ll find loads of lovely merchandise, as well as limited edition Si Scott prints featuring lyrics from iconic Manchester anthems.

I love MCR. You love MCR. We all love MCR. So let’s show it! Get your ‘I Love MCR’ t-shirt from the Manchester Arndale NOW and wear it with pride.